Summer Essentials Kit

  • $19.50

"These are a few of my favourite things....." My family loves to camp, and hike, and generally get as much outdoors time as we can when summer hits!  That means being able to use our EO's in a more portable way, and to create blends that help us stay safe from outdoor threats (ie. mosquitos!)

The Summer Essentials Kit will help your family do the same.  It contains:

- EO First Aid Pouch with 1 - 5ml roller, 2 - 2ml roller, 9 - 2ml drams

- 3 Aluminum Spray Bottles (I make a bug spray, an after sun spray and a hand sanitizer)

- 4 Recipe cards for suggested summer EO uses

(By purchasing all together you get a 10% discount - woo hoo!)