Nasal Inhaler for Essential Oils - Pack of 6 sets, White

  • $5.00

The nasal inhaler is a great, individual way to use your Essential Oils aromatically on the go, at the office or at home.  

Each set consist of 4 pieces - a tube, cover, end cap and wick

To fill: Add drops of oil(s) directly to wick, place inside tube, snap end cap on and screw on cover.  

To Use: Remove cover and place end of inhaler to nostril (DO NOT put inside nose).  Inhale a few deep breaths in each nostril.  Replace cover. 

Great for motion sickness, congestion, focus, alertness..... 

Product Info:

6.5cm h x 1.8 cm w

PP plastic

High quality, cotton wicks

Extra wicks can be purchased separately.